Monday, September 15, 2008


Being a student of IIUM, I am very proud with the noble vision and mission of the institutions. In relation to that, one of the IIUM’s main objectives is to produce leaders with globalistic views and capable of addressing ummatic issues. However, not many are alert of the ummatic issues surrounding them, especially pertaining to the conflicts and tribulations suffered by the other Muslim community on the other side of the globe.
Realising this fact, Ma’ruf Club, through the International Affairs Secretariat was taking a lead to organize a programme which would be able to act as a medium of information in providing the IIUM community with the current issues which are affecting the Muslim ummah; besides creating awareness on the important role they play as Muslim individuals.
The programme has given them a platform to express their views and ideas on the topic of the discussion and related issues as well as ways to overcome or to respond them, towards producing a victorious ummah. To have a progressive Islam is first to be a responsive Muslim individuals.

(...sharing the joy with student's activists from Philliphine and Bangladesh, they are the backbone of our programme)

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